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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story behind the logo?

The PixelMahon Freelance Design logo was meticulously crafted with the aim of enhancing brand recognition. It embodies three distinct elements:

Firstly, it portrays a block of pixels with a single pixel moving towards it at an angle, symbolizing the gradual construction of an image, pixel by pixel. 

Secondly, the logo is designed to resemble a mouse cursor, serving as a digital marker indicating the position of the mouse when working on graphic design projects. 

Lastly, a serendipitous discovery emerged during the design process: the logo inadvertently forms an abstract representation of the letter "P," signifying the initial of PixelMahon.

Which software do you use?

PixelMahon Freelance Design relies on four primary software packages for its creative endeavors, supplemented by additional tools for specific use cases.

Our four mainstay software packages are:
    Clip Studio Paint EX ver. 2 for 2D illustration
    Blender 4 for 3D modeling
    ZBrush 2022 for 3D sculpting
    CorelDRAW 2023 for graphic design

In addition to these, we leverage a range of other software options, including (but not limited to):
    Affinity Suite
    Adobe Photoshop
    Corel Painter 2023
    MODO 10
    3DS Max 2017
    Marvelous Designer 12
    Marmoset Toolbag 4
    Adobe Substance Painter and Substance Designer 2024

By utilizing a diverse array of tools, we ensure that each project receives the specialized attention and expertise required to achieve exceptional results.

Do you offer other services?

In addition to our core services, PixelMahon Freelance Design offers a wide range of supplementary offerings customized to meet diverse needs:

    3D Printing: Bring your own 3D model to life with our printing services.

    Graphic Design: From documentation and pamphlets to event invitations, flyers, menus, and website layout (please note, we specialize in design and are not proficient coders).

    Personal Illustrations and Commissions: Elevate your personal projects with custom illustrations, including book covers and more.

We're open to discussing any project within legal and ethical bounds. Simply reach out to us via email or our contact page to initiate a conversation about your needs and pricing options.

What payment services do you support?

Currently, we accept personal checks and processors PayPal (US & Japan) and PayPay (Japan Only).  We are looking into other payment processors at this time.